Transportation Questionnaire sent to San Mateo County Supervisor Candidates

Seven candidates are vying for the District 4 seat on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors. The election will be held on Nov 6, 2012, with a primary election on June 5, 2012, which will reduce the field of candidates to two.

Peninsula Transportation Alternatives sent the seven questions below to the candidates on May 23, 2012. The candidates’ answers to these questions are posted on this page.

District 4 Supervisor Candidates

Candidates for San Mateo County Supervisor, District 4.

1. What approach do you prefer to address the operational funding problems of Caltrain and SamTrans?

2. As Supervisor, what would you do to secure funding to make investments in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure? What type of bicycle/pedestrian projects do you think are the most important?

3. Do you support the blended system plan in which California High Speed Rail shares tracks with Caltrain?

4. Traffic congestion on highways and some local streets wastes time and money for residents and contributes to air pollution and respiratory illnesses. What do you think the County should do to reduce traffic congestion?

5. San Mateo County has significantly more jobs than housing, requiring many workers to commute long distances. Do you support additional housing to address this jobs-housing imbalance? Where in San Mateo County should additional housing be built?

6. East-west travel in San Mateo County using transit, bicycling, or walking is currently inconvenient and/or unsafe due to poor transit service and lack of safe facilities for crossing highways. What can be done to improve east-west travel by alternative modes of transportation?

7. How often do you use public transit, bicycling, or walking for transportation? If you have school-aged children, do they take transit, bike, or walk to school? Why or why not?

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