Bay Trail and Adobe Creek Bridge Eligible for Santa Clara County Funding; Come Support Trail Funding on Tuesday

Santa Clara County has published the legal rulings that verify that the Bay Trail Gap near the Dumbarton Bridge and the Adobe Creek Bridge, which gives people access to the Bay Trail from Palo Alto, are eligible to receive funding from a $10.4 million “Stanford Trails” fund. The money was provided by Stanford in compensation for the loss of public trail access in its development plan over a decade ago.    On Tuesday, June 19, The County Supervisors will take another step toward finally getting the trails built. Read on for ways you can help make this happen.

Bicyclists and Pedestrian on Bay Trail

The Bay Trail in Menlo Park, facing east towards the Facebook Campus.

The legal rulings conclude that community members who used the Dish Trail and its extensions in the Foothills would also be likely to access the Bay Trail (ed. this is certainly true for me, how about you?).   Santa Clara County’s attorneys also clarified that the money was intended to be spent to benefit people on the Stanford Campus as well as members of the public who use the Dish trail and the extensions to the Dish trail that were lost.  Finally, they clarified that Stanford University’s approval is not required for Santa Clara County to decide how the money should be spent, unless a specific project is on Stanford’s land.  These rulings disprove the claims of some Stanford residents that the money needs to be spent in the immediate Campus area.

On Tuesday, June 19, the County Supervisors will review and decide on the process to evaluate options and invest the money. The recommended process is for proposals to be accepted between June 20 and July 19, including a detailed project description and cost estimate.  Proposals will be made available for public view on July 21 and voted on by the Board of Supervisors on August 21.

Adobe Creek Bridge Photosimulations

The Adobe Creek Bridge would cross Highway 101 north of San Antonio Road in Palo Alto.

If you want the Bay Trail and the Adobe Creek Bridge to receive this funding, please put the morning of August 21 in your calendar, if you can make morning meetings.  And if you have time, it will be helpful to come to San Jose this coming Tuesday morning June 19.  A month ago, there were efforts to get the decision postponed, and the presence of supporters will help make sure the Supervisors keep moving this decision forward. We will post an update about the likely time it will come up on Tuesday.

Details of the June 19 meeting can be found here under agenda item #21.

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