Sunnyvale votes for Bicyclist Anti-Harrassment Ordinance

This update from Kevin Jackson of Sunnyvale:

On Tuesday, June 19, the Sunnyvale City Council passed a Bicyclist Anti-Harassment Ordinance, sponsored by the Sunnyvale Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

The Sunnyvale ordinance is modeled after a recent Los Angeles ordinance and makes it unlawful to intentionally force or attempt to force a bicyclist from a roadway with the intent to injure or distract the bicyclist.

Sunnyvale City Council Member Jim Davis

Sunnyvale Council Member Jim Davis voted against the Bicycle Anti-Harrassment Ordinance.

The Sunnyvale measure was approved by the council on a 6-1 vote, Jim Davis dissenting. No one spoke in opposition, and Davis didn’t even try to explain his negative vote. The council motion also directed staff to publicize the new ordinance in order to put on notice any motorists who may be tempted to react with aggression when they encounter cyclists.

The measure needs a “second reading” to pass. This is typically a formality, but the measure will not be law until then.

Want to pass this in your own city? Contact Kevin Jackson who can give you advice on how they did it in Sunnyvale. His contact info is kjbiker at netzero dot net. And ask your city’s bicycle advisory committee, transportation committee, or planning commission to take this on.

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