Mountain View prioritizes San Antonio area planning – opportunity for better connection to transit

On Tuesday July 10 as part of its review and approval of the 2030 General Plan, Mountain View City Council voted to escalate the priority of doing a Precise Plan for the San Antonio area, assuming that city staff is able to repurpose grant funds.

A the General Plan study session on July 3, residents of The Crossings presented a petition with 92 signatures urging Council to prioritize an update of the San Antonio Center precise plan, which hasn’t been comprehensively updated since the early 90’s.

The San Antonio area at the border of Mountain View and Palo Alto, which was one of the region’s early suburban-style shopping centers in the 1950s, has been seeing substantial new development and interest. It is adjacent to the San Antonio Caltrain station and El Camino’s frequent bus service. Now that Caltrain’s modernization plans have been fully funded with High Speed Rail and regional funds (as of last Friday), it is highly likely that the area will see substantial improvement in train schedule by 2019.

But the walking and biking facilities in the area are poor, so the area does not take advantage of its proximity to transit.

Advocates of bike safety and urban environmentalism will have an opportunity to participate in this process and improve bike and pedestrian access. Assuming the funding is available, this process will start in 2013.

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2 Responses to Mountain View prioritizes San Antonio area planning – opportunity for better connection to transit

  1. ladyfleur says:

    Completely agree that walking and biking in the area are poor–especially walking. Yes, there are crosswalks on key intersections, but those are far between and the high speed corner cuts make them more stressful for walkers than they should be.

    In the late 1980s I lived in an apartment at the corner of California and Del Medio. I used to walk sometimes to the Milk Pail and occasionally to Safeway. But to get to Sears, Mervyns or the store that was where 24 Hour Fitness is I always drove. It wasn’t the distance, it was having walk across the long empty parking lot that made me want to drive. I would like to think the new design will make walking more pleasant and comfortable, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Adina Levin says:

    @ladyfleur you are right, there isn’t any guarantee that the new developments will improve walking and biking in the area. But there are well over 100 people organized to support more people-friendly new designs – hopefully attention and advocacy will result in a better outcome.

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